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Advaeros withdrew from competition in November 2010.

Advanced Aerospace Industries is a small R&D company dealing with smart systems for navigation, robotic application, aeronautical and space related activities. A team of enthusiastic technical people that work together for the future dreams of flight, both for fun and for knowledge. We plan for self design launch vehicle, and we divide our team into craft design and launch vehicle design. There are many interests in this team and we are very excited for what our teamwork would reflect into this competition. We are looking for more people to join our team.

Launch Synopsis:

Launch: Sea Launch mobile platform, for one way lunar destination. We are proposing mobile un-manned ship platform, sailing to launch site.

In many ways, we would practice safety and strongly believe in innovation and creative ideas. Such idea, is to investigate using on board electricity (solar/batteries) for electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen gas to fill the rocket.

While other ideas, we plan to investigate balloon-assisted-rocket and/or air breathing engine with aerospike nozzles. In 40 years of space technologies, many knowledge and even hardware parts could be leverage, acquired and improved upon.

Lunar Injection: Upon reaching LEO, at correct trajectory, Trans Lunar Injection thrust will be applied. At all time, visual sensor is tracking the spacecraft position between imaginary space and the real space. Whenever possible, strong laser is emitted from the spacecraft to previous Apollo lunar landing sites that has lunar retro reflector to measure the distance to moon. Mid-course trajectory boost correction will be applied when necessary. That is another idea we will look into.

Landing: From Lunar Orbit, descend mode is initiated. Gradual descend is perform until the craft is low enough for accurate touchdown. Retro-rocket would maneuver the craft to the landing site. Turn on camera descend_mode, recording.

Team Biographies:

Hanidy Yusof
Hanidy, since 1996 has plans for space exploration. He has educational background in Mathematical Sciences and Engineering, and has been working in technical field for 11 years. He has keen interest in space exploration and robotics, and was involved in IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoids 2001 (Waseda, Japan) and 2003 (Munich, Germany). In 2006, he founded Advanced Aerospace Industries to meet global challenges of aeronautical and space businesses.

Team Members

  • Hanidy Yusof
  • Team Leader:
    Hanidy Yusof

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