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Hang Out With Moon Pioneers!

Hang Out With Moon Pioneers!

By Nick Azer  on June 24, 2015

Have you been hanging out with Moon pioneers lately?


Well, here's your chance! In a way.

We've been doing a series of Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangouts, airing every third Tuesday of the month, and they're jam-packed full of inspirational conversations and Moon goodness.

There's Astrobotic, talking about why they're exploring Moon caves, why there's going to be literally a robot race on the Moon (a la NASCAR or F1), and how the country of Mexico will be getting its own "Apollo Moment":

And then there's SpaceIL and Puli, of Israel and Hungary, respectively, talking about how they're inspiring tomorrow's Moon explorers---kids---and making the Moon missions of today happen:

And there was also Independence-X, talking about how they've transformed Malaysia into a space-dreaming country, looking to set up their own launches there:

There's a grand total of sixteen so far, with the next one (on Tuesday, July 21st) featuring Germany's Part-Time Scientists! (Did you catch their exciting announcement?) That's a whole Netflix-binge's worth of space inspiration, and amazing ideas---made reality. So, what are you waiting for? Save this playlist, dive in on a cozy Sunday night (or listen to the series on your way to work!), and dream of the Moon. (And all the other crazy things you can attain i life!)

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