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Bringing the Moon Back to Kennedy

Bringing the Moon Back to Kennedy

By Nick Azer  on May 05, 2015

"This is where we went to the Moon." 

That would be Florida, and the Space Coast---where many of the Apollo launches took place (like Apollo 17, above), and where Google Lunar XPRIZE team Moon Express has now set up shop, long-term, to fly their lunar lander tests!

To get to know their new neighbors, Kennedy Space Center's official YouTube channel sat down with Moon Express founder & CEO, Bob Richards, to talk about how the team is bringing the Moon back to the Space Coast, and all the benefits (for both sides!) that come with that:

And Moon Express has wasted no time in getting started, either---here's a video from CNET on the lunar lander tests the team did last year at the Space Coast, which ended up netting them a sweet $1 million Milestone Prize!:

And that's just the beginning! There's sure to be a lot more cool tests like that coming along the way soon---so, stay tuned!

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