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Video Interview: Scientist Yuki Takahashi

Video Interview: Scientist Yuki Takahashi

By Astiles  on June 22, 2009

Last week, a friend and fellow ISU alum stopped by the office for a quick visit. I first met Yuki Takahashi though a mutual friend and ISU classmate; and together with a few others, we collaborated on some of the initial set up work for what eventually became the Young Lunar Explorers group within the International Lunar Exploration Working Group. Since then, I've followed along with Yuki's four exciting research trips to the South Pole, where he worked on a telescope project.

I asked Yuki if he'd be kind enough to sit down for a quick interview about his research, the importance of visiting extreme environments, and his thoughts about the Moon. Luckily for all of us, he said yes!

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