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Some New Videos from Frednet and Euroluna

Some New Videos from Frednet and Euroluna

By Astiles  on January 26, 2009

We had a couple of very cool new videos posted today by Google Lunar X PRIZE teams. The first is this novel rover design by a member of Team Frednet.

As a proof of concept, I'd say this video is fairly convincing. However, I think there is a vibrant debate to be had over the feasibility of maneuvering a vehicle like this on the lunar surface, particularly in light of the unpredictability of obstacles on the Moon's rocky floor. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

The next video is the first in a lengthy series by Euroluna, entitled How to make your own spacecraft

I can't wait to see what else Palle and team have in store for us. Who knows? Maybe we'll see many more teams join after Palle gives away all his secrets ;)

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