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Rocket Racing League Reawakens

Rocket Racing League Reawakens

By Astiles  on April 22, 2010

Following many quiet months, the Rocket Racing League has come back on the radar, much to our rocket-loving delight. In the first-ever public flights, two Mark III X-Racers will be flying demonstrations at the Tulsa Air and Rocket Racing Show this Saturday, April 24th. The vehicles are capable of speeds up to 250 mph (~400 kph) and are powered by engines providing 2500-lbs (~11,000 N) of thrust -- not to mention the 15 ft/4.5m long exhaust flame that trails behind.

Don't worry if you can't make it to the lovely state of Oklahoma this weekend -- the event will be webcast for 2 hours, hosted by Miles O'Brien and featuring special guests Buzz Aldrin, Owen Garriott, Richard Garriott, Peter Diamandis, and many more. Woo hoo!

The live feed will be available at 12pm-2pm Central Time/ 1700-1900 GMT: You can also follow the event on Twitter: @RRLeague.

Here is a short video from the co-founder of the RRL (who also happens to be the CEO of X PRIZE!):

Be sure to tune in Saturday for some sweet rocket action!

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