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Rocket Racing League at Oshkosh EAA AirVenture!!!

Rocket Racing League at Oshkosh EAA AirVenture!!!

By Astiles  on July 29, 2008

Just a few minutes ago, I was in Peter Diamandis’ office listening to Mike D Angelo, CTO of the Rocker Racing League, describe the first flight of the XRacer at Oshkosh EAA AirVenture -LIVE!!!! Even though both Peter and I wish we could have been there, it was still exiting to hear the background noise of that amazing flight.

Rick Searfross, a former Space Shuttle commander, was the pilot of the flight and Granger Whitelaw, CEO of the RRL, was next to the announcers stand narrating every step of the flight. The flight seemed to have gone smoothly and from the sounds through the phone, it appeared that the crowd was thrilled!!

Right now, there are two rocket racers being displayed. Even though both planes have special airworthiness certificates for experimental research and development, only one will be flying at Oshkosh. The one that flew today is equipped with a kerosene-fueled engine developed by California-based XCOR Aerospace, and the other racer on display has an alcohol-fueled engine from Texas-based Armadillo Aerospace. Both are very exiting machines that will bring lots of entertainment in the near future.

(Engine test at Oshkosh)

The XCOR rocket racier will be flying again on Friday August 1, at 2:30 pm and Saturday August 2, at 2:30 pm. If you are at all planning to attend Oshkosh, I recommend you do NOT miss these amazing flights. Also, stop by Aero Shell Square where the RLL will be featuring the simulators!!!!!

Three years ago, I stared as an intern for both the X Prize Foundation and the Rocket Racing League, so it is very exiting for me to see that all these years of hard work have paid off. This is a major mile stone in our industry and I can’t wait to see it myself!!!

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