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Random musings

Random musings

By Astiles  on February 04, 2009

Two whole days of not blogging. I am such a delinquent. As you may remember, I made a resolution to post once a day on weekdays, and I clearly didn't stick to it. But that's OK, because now I feel the need to dump a bunch of random on you.

For starters, here's something I cooked up in a state of near delirium whilst editing my video talk for the 12th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference.

I'll be posting that video soon (the talk is scheduled for tomorrow, so perhaps tomorrow evening.... w00t, another blog post!).

OK, and now for something completely different:

I keep expecting Euroluna to give away all the top secret, um, secrets of space travel, and suddenly the entire world will be building rockets and rovers. Then again, I suppose that's what the Google Lunar X PRIZE is ultimately all about.

And now for something completely completely different:

Fingers crossed that this doesn't get pulled due to copyright violation. It's awesome.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. How to write a blog post in just a few minutes with little to no preparation and marginal amounts of content.

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