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Phase One of MoonBots Challenge Closing This Week

Phase One of MoonBots Challenge Closing This Week

By Astiles  on May 24, 2010

This coming Friday- May 28th will mark the close of Phase One for the MoonBots Challenge. Our 212 Teams have the next five days to complete and submit their digital Robot Design Proposal and their Video Essay. The Sponsors and Partners of this Challenge are enthusiastically waiting to see all of the innovative lunar designs that MoonBots Teams are creating using software like LDRAW, LEGO Digital Designer and Google SketchUp. The Sponsors and Partners are also excited to see all of the fun, creative and explorative videos that are being produced, and can't wait to share with the public at large.

Many interesting blogs and photos on being posted by teams on their web pages. They are really doing a great job telling their personal stories of who they are and why they are taking part in the challenge. Doing a random selection, here are some more logo designs from our geographically dispersed teams. Note- we will be featuring more teams on future Launch Pad posts. Highlighting teams does not give any advantage to the judging process.

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