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Kid Innovators One Step Closer

Kid Innovators One Step Closer

By Astiles  on April 20, 2011

179 submissions, 400,000 public votes casted and 145 country voting participants later, the winner and runner-ups of the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Global Innovation Award presented by the X PRIZE Foundation was announced this week.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE would like to congratulate these youth teams for getting one step closer to patenting their innovative ideas.

Grand PRIZE Winner

The Flying Monkeys, a Girl Scout team from Ames, Iowa
Invention Idea: BOB-1 is a multi-functional, cost-effective prosthetic hand device that would enable users with limb abnormalities to hold, grip, stabilize, or secure items.


The 4th Motor, a youth team from East Troy, Wisconsin
Invention Idea: Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring system is an innovative way to combine RFID technology, microchips and a really cool looking watch so that kids never have to prick their fingers again.

Blue Gear Ticks, a youth team from Lincoln, Massachusetts
Invention Idea: A unfurling bio-absorbable arterial stent, expands upon demand when children grow. This will help with congenital heart defects.

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