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Google Lunar X PRIZE... MUXTAPE style

Google Lunar X PRIZE... MUXTAPE style

By Astiles  on August 08, 2008

Muxtape _ Upload a Song.jpg
Did a pretty fun experiment today asking folks what songs they would add to a mixtape about the Moon. From that I built this fun MUXTAPE. Of course, there are a million songs about the Moon, as Will points out in the instant message quote below. Why not make your own MUXTAPE and leave it in the comments!
So many Moon songs.
"The Moon" - Cat Power
"Moon Beats YEllow" Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
"Moon Dreams" - Miles Davis
Moon Mist - Duke Ellington
Moon on My Shoulder - Lyle Lovett
Moon Song - Bob Schneider
Moonglow - Duke Ellington
Moonlight Bay - Beatles
Moonlight in Vermont - Willie Nelson
Moonshadow - Cat Stevens
Moonshiner - Cat Power.
That's just from the M section on my ipod!
Another Moon - Meat Puppets
Bad Moon Rising - CCR
Blue Moon - Django Reinhardy
Blue Moon Rising - Gomez
Harvest Moon - Neil Young
Honky Tonk Moon - Randy Travis
How High the Moon - Ella
Howlin' at the Moon - Hank Williams. Or the Ramones.
I wish i was the moon - neko case
I wised on the moon - billie holiday
it's like reaching for the moon - billie holiday
jealous of the moon - nickel creek
man on the moon - rem
mr. moonlight - beatles
neon moon - brooks & dunn
New blue moon - travelling wilburys

Mike Fabio
ok, you need to listen to NON space music
pink moon - nick drake
red moon - david gray
sad lookin moon - alabama
sailboat in the moonlight - billie holiday
shoot the moon - norah jones
smog moon - matthew sweet
tuesday moon - neutral milk hotel
virginia moon - foo fighters
west texas moon - roger clyne and the peacemakers
what a little moonlight can do - billie holiday
white moon - white stripes
Not to mention other spacey songs like "surfin on a rocket - air"

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