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Goodie Bag Fan Photo Gallery

Goodie Bag Fan Photo Gallery

By Astiles  on May 06, 2009

It looks like many people have put those stickers to good use! Here's a little gallery of some of the photos our fans have sent in of their Google Lunar X PRIZE swag. We'd love to see yours, so just leave a link in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter.

From @drewbenn

From @chris_radcliff

From @quarkspin

From @newguyalex (from RoboDynamics)

From @stephschneider, the mastermind behind incentive 2 innovate

From @qatesiuradewyo:

From @amoroso, a bunch of pictures photographed against "Astronomia popolare, the 1885 Italian edition of Astronomie populaire by Camille Flammarion":

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