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German Team "Part-Time-Scientists" to Unveil Hardware and Website on Monday, 12/28

German Team "Part-Time-Scientists" to Unveil Hardware and Website on Monday, 12/28

By Astiles  on December 26, 2009

The Part-Time-Scientists, a German team that officially joined the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition in June 2009, is preparing for a presentation at the annual Chaos-Computer-Club (CCC) congress, an event focused on all things IT related.

On Monday, December 28, at 1145 UTC (3:45am PT/6:45am EST) ,The team plans to showcase their newly-redesigned website and logo, as well as unveil their rover prototype and speak about some of the hardware/software that they have developed for the competition. You can watch the presentation live via webcast at: The presentation will be re-broadcast throughout the day for those that live in timezones that are not conducive to the live broadcast. Details will be available on the CCC website.

The team has informed us that the following information will be covered in the presentation:
  • Us (Part-Time-Scientists)
  • Current rover prototype (world premier)
  • Current computer prototype (world premier)
  • Parts of our communications solution
  • Some of our concept and sponsors

Additionally, the team has just joined Twitter and have already been posting a number of pictures of their hardware and shop there. Follow @PTScientists, or follow the Google Lunar X PRIZE list of teams.

We are looking forward to hearing about all of the new developments from this team!

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