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Friday Space Mashup Music Video Funday #FFD!

Friday Space Mashup Music Video Funday #FFD!

By Astiles  on February 27, 2009

How's that for a mouthful? Today let's make a sort of video mixtape highlighting musical mashups with space imagery. You can send your video ideas to @glxp on Twitter, or just leave a link in the comments on this post. I'll be updating the post all day.

Elvis Presley - Blue Moon of Kentucky (via @quarkspin)

R.E.M. - Man on the Moon (also via @quarkspin. a classic, if I do say so myself)

You knew this was coming. You've been warned. Via @cariann

The Police - Walking on the Moon. Via @cariann, and probably about a hundred other people.

Very cool old school MTV channel ID. I need to do some more research into how the "moon man" became the MTV icon. Anybody have some info? (This is via @quarkspin)

Classic Kubrick, featuring Richard Strauss' Also sprach Zarathustra (via @gonz037)

This is really what the Intarwebs are all about. (via @joebarone)

And a related video, also via @joebarone: Peter Schilling - Major Tom

One of my favorite Super Bowl advertisements from this past year, featuring House of Pain - Jump Around (via @cariann)

And now for something completely different. Sintetizador - Telstar (via @quarkspin). Really now, how awesome is retro space?

A couple of videos submitted don't allow for embedding, so I'll post some linkage here:

Via @joebarone:
Radiohead - No Surprises
YouTube - Radiohead - No Surprises.jpg


And from @matt808 we have this retro-futuristic love story: Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight.

The Galaxy Song by Eric Idle (via @gonz037)

[Break for lunch :)]

The Boxing Lesson - Dark Side of the Moog (space + vintage synthesizer references + collage style animation = awesome, via @quarkspin)

Enterprise theme song ("typically a love or hate thing," via @iamjem)

Bizarre cover of the B52's Planet Claire by OBLiVEON, courtesy of @quarkspin

Blue October - Calling You (via Google Lunar X PRIZE team @NextGiantLeap)
YouTube - Blue October - Calling You.jpg

Spaceman Speedpaint, via @snibble, who says "I'm a sucker for timelapse"

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