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Friday Funday Roundup, 09.12.08

Friday Funday Roundup, 09.12.08

By Astiles  on September 15, 2008

For those who don't know, every Friday on Twitter we do a little fun group activity called Friday Funday (tagged with #FFD). We welcome anybody and everybody to join in the fun by participating in any number of strange, fascinating, or just ridiculous activities.

Here is a roundup of last Friday's activities, in which we made LOLs of ourselves (or, as was suggested, of me).

Me in "zero-g," submitted by Paolo Amoroso
Me in

Will grows some wings

Jean made this LOLmike, a bit of an inside joke:

And Snibble submitted this one:

And finally, on a non-#FFD note, but still related to the fun we had on our one year birthday, I made this:

Sorry, Will, it was just too good not to post.

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