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Friday Fun Day #FFD -- Dedicated to Teachers that Inspire

Friday Fun Day #FFD -- Dedicated to Teachers that Inspire

By Astiles  on May 07, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone! This week's Friday Fun Day activity was suggested by Chanda, who pointed out earlier this week in a blog post that it is National Teacher Appreciation Week. In honor of teachers that have touched our lives, we want to know, who was/were your favorite teacher(s) in school? We'd love to hear about who they are and how they influenced your life.

Will Pomerantz left a comment the other day that we'll re-post here to get this #FFD kickstarted:

Hear hear! Great teachers truly do change lives.

This is a good excuse to think back on the great teachers who have changed my own life. I'd probably list five or six off the top of my head: Mr. Cullinan from a High School English class, Maria Zuber from MIT's Earth and Planetary Science department, and Stephen Jay Gould, John Shaw, Dan Schrag, and Paul Hoffman from Harvard. I owe a great debt to all of them!

 Leave your response here in the comments or @-reply us on Twitter!

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