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#FFD Friday Funday Exoplanet Naming Madness

#FFD Friday Funday Exoplanet Naming Madness

By Astiles  on March 06, 2009

Leave it to the nerds to come up with planet names like "Mr. Gassypants" or "Fantasculus" or "Pluto." Today we held a little naming and voting experiment in honor of tonight's launch of the Kepler telescope, which will (with any luck) discover Earth-sized planets beyond our solar system.

Our experiment yielded (at most recent count) 2,997 votes on 162 suggestions from 59 people, not bad for a Friday Funday! Here are the top ten exoplanet names, as determined by your votes:

  1. Sagan - Submitted by TaviGreiner

  2. Hawking - Submitted by joebarone

  3. Isis - Submitted by LunarMark

  4. Kepler - Submitted by Rob

  5. Gagarin - Submitted by joebarone

  6. Asimov - Submitted by Cariann

  7. Laika - Submitted by William James Pomerantz, Esq.

  8. Yuri - Submitted by joebarone

  9. Serenity - Submitted by Gonz0

  10. Heinlein - Submitted by CaitPenn

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