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Did Somebody Say Free Stickers?

Did Somebody Say Free Stickers?

By Astiles  on May 07, 2009

I've got these giant rolls of stickers, and I'm giving them away (because I love doing that). These Google Lunar X PRIZE designs were printed by the awesome people at StickerGiant, who can make great custom stickers for you too.

Here's how the giveaway works:

  • Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
    Google Lunar X PRIZE Stickers
    5510 Lincoln Blvd
    Suite 100
    Playa Vista, CA 90094

  • Envelope must be no smaller than 4.5 inches in height and width. This means that a standard #10 envelope is not big enough.

  • Proper postage: in the U.S. a $0.44 stamp or "forever" stamp is fine. Outside the U.S. please refer to this chart to find the correct First-class postage rate for your country (under 1 ounce). If you don't have the correct postage, you won't get your stickers.

  • You'll receive two (2) of each of our sticker designs, of which there are three (3). That's six (6) total stickers. Doesn't that sentence look very legalese?

  • Please please please please please please please please use self-adhesive envelopes if you can.

  • I can easily be bribed. If you feel like sending me cool stuff, there might be rewards in store for you ;)

  • Envelopes must be postmarked before May 31, 2009. No exceptions.

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