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CANSAT France, CMU Class, Dave Masten Trade Study, MSET, STELLAR Museum Event, More

CANSAT France, CMU Class, Dave Masten Trade Study, MSET, STELLAR Museum Event, More

By Astiles  on January 21, 2010

@dmasten: For the rest of the day: aero estimations using DATCOM, then lots of CFD. If time tonight, write propellant trade study for @TeamFREDNET.

@glxp: Team @WhiteLabelSpace presents at the University of Tokyo: #GLXP

@dmasten: View from our shop parking lot this afternoon.

@NASAWatch: Teams Selected for 'Fly Your Thesis!' 2010 Microgravity Program

@mojaverocketguy: Ken just uploaed one of my favorite Xoie videos--our 195s flight in 30+ knot winds the day before the LLC competition:

@SoldTheMoon: CMU mobile robotics class under way today, with diverse student interests from mech E to cryogenic battery testing. A great group.

@mastenspace: welcomes @MattCannella to the Mojave desert!

@unrocket: Machined pieces for replacement bball landing gear, parts now at the welder. Haven't had the motivation to start the waiver paper work yet.

CANSAT France:

Where are we today? (PDF) - This shows the state of the CANSAT France competition, and includes a proposal for a European Cansat competion in 2011.

CANSAT - FRANCE - Proposed missions for the 2010 competition (PDF)

Mechanical Science and Engineering Team - This is a high school team that participates in the Vex Robotics Competition, First Robotics Competition, and Team America Rocketry Challenge, among other activities.

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #7 - Luna C/I

@ConradAwards: Check out our finalist teams at

@Pomerantz: RT @michael_green: SEDS-UCF USLI (rocket for competition) Critical Design Review complete. nice 185 pages. PDF:

@InnoCentiveCEO: New $30K InnoCentive Challenge! Lightning as an Alternative Energy Source

@JUXTOPIA_JURBAN: Check out theWashington Post article on Ken Harvey, former Redskin and active member of the JURBAN team, on relieft efforts made in Haiti.

Here is the article

Astronauts on 'Roids - This is from the producers of Luna C/I. There is also twitter account @AstrosOnRoids.

Celebrate 20 Years of Astronomy at the Museum of Natural Sciences - Raleigh Downtowner Magazine - A lot of space events are planned, including this:

Visitors can also check the progress of TeamSTELLAR and their pursuit of the Google Lunar X Prize, a $30 million international competition to safely land a robot on the surface of the Moon; ...

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