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Awesome Space Movie Posters Courtesy of The President

Awesome Space Movie Posters Courtesy of The President

By Astiles  on April 30, 2009

Not many people know this, but the president of the X PRIZE Foundation is none other than Mr. Robert K. Weiss, the mastermind behind such blockbusters as The Blues Brothers and The Naked Gun series. It should come as no surprise that this lover of all things space also has an obsession with vintage space memorabilia, and in particular of old-school science fiction movies.

Well lucky me: Bob gave me a couple of framed posters to decorate my office!

The first is Flight To Mars, the 1951 sci-sploitation film in which "Four men and a lady blast off for the red planet Mars in this lean-budgeted but likable little yarn. The explorers find a thriving civilization of completely humanoid Matians. The leaders of the Martian government act friendly, but they secretly plot to kill the Earthlings and steal the secret of their rocket propulsion system." (Thanks to the IMDB reviewer for that little synopsis).


And the second one is the 1952 film Zombies of the Stratosphere. A serial in 12 parts, this epic starred a fledgling actor named Leonard Nimoy (perhaps you've heard of him?).

Zombies and space travel? What's cooler than that?


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