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XPRIZE has formed several partnerships with companies willing to offer substantial discounts to any and all Google Lunar XPRIZE Teams. The following are the current Preferred Partners of the Google Lunar XPRIZE:


Preferred Launch Partner

Space Exploration Technologies will return 10% of the launch costs for all launches on their Falcon 1, Falcon 1e, and Falcon 9 vehicles. You can find their detailed information about their capabilities and prices (prior to discount) at and at

Preferred Communications Partners

The SETI Institute has offered free use of the Allen Telescope Array for receiving data from the surface of the Moon for the first seven Earth days of operations on the lunar surface. You can learn about the array at

The Universal Space Network has offered a 50% discount on communication services (passes) for the spacecraft while in transit to the Moon and for 30 Earth Days of operations on the lunar surface. You can learn about USN’s services at

Preferred Launch Site

Space Florida is the principal organization charged by the Florida Legislature with promoting and developing Florida's aerospace industry. Its Vision is: To be the world leader in developing tomorrow's aerospace enterprise, creating a diversified business environment and robust continued economic growth for Florida.

Space Florida's agreement to offer a Bonus Prize of $2 million to the winner of the competition if they launch from Florida, creates a powerful incentive for all Google Lunar XPRIZE competitors to strongly consider Florida as the launch site for their competition. Further, it is one of many positioning tools that will allow the State to become the future hub for commercial projects, ultimately attracting a wide variety of small and large business entrants in various locations across Florida.


Preferred Software Partner

AGI provides commercial off-the-shelf software to national security and space professionals for integrated analysis of land, sea, air, and space assets. The technology can be applied to a variety of solution areas.

AGI is providing one license of its STK package, valued at $150,000 each, to all registered Google Lunar XPRIZE teams free of charge. STK allows for complex mission planning, from launch to landing. For more information, visit

Interested in Becoming a Preferred Partner?

Is your company interested in becoming a Preferred Partner of the Google Lunar XPRIZE? To do so, you must be willing to offer a substantial discount and a standard pricing arrangement for all Google Lunar XPRIZE Teams. For more details, please use our contact us and identify your company, the service you can provide, and the discount you are willing to offer.



In additional to support received from space agencies around the world (NASA, ESA, and JAXA), the Google Lunar XPRIZE is very fortunate to have the support of numerous companies and individuals. The following are endorsement videos from visionary film maker James Cameron, and science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.

Deloitte Consulting LLP helps organizations grow their businesses and enhance value by identifying actionable insights. More than 23,000 professionals provide a broad range of capabilities across human capital, strategy & operations and technology that are aligned to the particular needs of specific sectors, businesses and organizations. Deloitte provides clients with leading business insights that can help generate a tangible and measurable impact. Deloitte has committed a team of full-time professionals on a pro bono basis to support the XPRIZE Foundation mission. For more information, visit the Deloitte Consulting website.

James Cameron Endorsement 

Arthur C. Clarke Endorsement

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